[Album] Rayons – サクラダ・リセット オリジナル・サウンドトラック [MP3]

1.on the tetrapod
2.what I’ve lost already
3.I will follow Kei
4.jealousy / persistence / obsession
5.kei’s determination
6.mission and destiny
7.opposition / confrontation
8.gray memory
9.grievous suspense
10.I am sorry, Michiru
11.our future
12.sagrada reset (day time)
13.awakening of love
14.the place of nonoo
15.am I being of help to you?
16.regret / humiliation
17.battle ~ brave ~
18.mysterious déjà vu
19.pushing away the darkness
20.the garden with cherry blossoms in full bloom
21.the world of michiru
22.city of sagrada
23.sagrada reset
24.last strategy
25.the wish can be fulfilled
26.days passing by


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