[KPOP][Album] NCT DREAM – THE DREAM SHOW (2020.06.09)[MP3+Flac]

Disc 1
01. GO (Live)
02. Drippin’ (Live)
03. 119 (Live)
04. 1, 2, 3 (Live)
05. We Go Up (Live)
06. STRONGER (Live)
07. 덩크슛 (Dunk Shot) (Live)
08. Chewing Gum (Live)
09. Dream Run (Live)
10. Best Friend (Live)
11. 같은 시간 같은 자리 (Walk you home) (Live)
12. 사랑한단 뜻이야 (Candle Light) (Live)

Disc 2
01. We Young (Live)
02. 마지막 첫사랑 (My First and Last) (Live)
03. My Page (Live)
04. 사랑이 좀 어려워 (Bye My First.) (Live)
05. Don’t Need Your Love (Live)
06. Fireflies (Live)
07. Trigger the fever (Live)
08. BOOM (Live)
09. La La Love (Live)
10. 너와 나 (Beautiful Time) (Live)


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