[Album] SUPER EUROBEAT presents 頭文字D Dream Collection Vol.4 (2020.09.16)[MP3]

01. Takumi
02. My Bandido
03. Sexy Toy. Sexy Joy
04. Stormy Night
05. Initial D Hell
06. Rock This Way
07. Kisses Of Love
08. Everybody`s Warming
09. Rock The Nation
10. Deep Into Your Love
11. Queen Of Your Nights
12. Samurai
13. Lie To Me
14. In The Sunrise
15. We Came For The Rock
16. Make Me Love
17. Vibration!
18. Love Me Crazy
19. No Return
20. Got To Run
21. Last Flight To Japan
22. Wanna Be Your Lover
23. Let`s Dance
24. Red Light And Sex
25. Tokyo Baby. Midnight Lady
26. Street Fighter
27. Game Over
28. Midnight Love
29. Just Say Yeah
30. Pull The Trigger


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