[Album] Relaxing Guitar Crew – My Coffee Break – Jazz & Bossa [MP3]

Disc 1:

1 Swing into My Break
2 New Trend and Neobop
3 Bossa Beats and Jazz Jives
4 Steaming Hot Syncopation
5 The Taste of Sound
6 The Ballad of a Quick Break
7 From Portugal to New Orleans
8 A Brazilian Brew
9 Barista’s Boogie Woogie
10 Tropicalia Perks
11 Cafe Noir Notes
12 Battery Acid Break
13 Don’t Give Me Decaf

Disc 2:

14 Jazzman Takes a Break
15 Cafe Au Lait and Latin
16 88 Breaktime Time Jives
17 Top Tunes and Hot Stuff
18 Jomocha Jete
19 Forty Weight Fusion
20 It’s All in the Java
21 Keys to the Coffee Jar
22 Coffee Break New Orleans Style
23 Are Those Beans from Brazil?
24 Coffee and Jazz
25 Bossa for My Breaktime


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