[Album] 松田聖子 – LOVE&EMOTION [MP3](2001)

01. The Sound of Fire 2001
02. Love&Emotion
03. How To Take A Chance ~Koi no Kakehiki~ (恋のかけひき)
04. Woman
05. Anata Shika Mienai (Album Version) (あなたしか見えない)
06. Is this the place? (Counting for “This is the place”)
07. This Is the Place
08. I Miss You ~Prelude~

01. Love&Emotion
02. Ai♥Ai ~100%♥Pure Love~ (Album Version) (愛♥愛)
03. Kiss me baby
04. Believe in your dream
05. Misty Rain
06. Party time, Happy time
07. I Miss You


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