[Album] 家入レオ – WE [MP3+Hi-Res FLAC](2016)

01. Bokutachi no Mirai (僕たちの未来; Our Future)
02. Brand New Tomorrow
03. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu (君がくれた夏; The Summer You Gave Me)
04. Koukotsu (恍惚; Ecstasy)
05. Party Girl
06. I Wish
07. we
08. Hello To The World
09. City Boy na Aitsu (シティボーイなアイツ; City Boyish Guy)
10. Sayonara Summer Breeze (さよなら Summer Breeze; Goodbye Summer Breeze)
11. Soba ni Ite, Radio (そばにいて、ラジオ; Be with Me, Radio)
12. Every Single Day
-Bonus Track-
13. Obake no Namida (オバケのなみだ; Tears of Ghosts)


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