[Album] フルーツバスケット 1st season オリジナル・サウンドコレクション (2019.10.18)[MP3+Flac]

FRUITS BASKET 1st season original sound collection

Disc 1
01 Fruits Basket
02 Zodiac
03 It’s My Day
04 In the Sky
05 You Are All Animals
06 Soma Family
07 I Will Protect You
08 I Will Become a Cat
09 A lodger
10 Cat and Mouse

37 Umareru Negai

Disc 2
01 Mogeta no Uta
02 For the One Who Needs Me
03 Lost My House Again
04 In the Forest
05 Shape of Good Conscious
06 Animal Fight 3
07 Animal Fight 4
08 ccczzzmmm.
09 Fancy Myself
10 My Worth

30 One Step Closer


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