[Album] ファイナルシリーズ ORIGINAL SOUND COLLECTION Vol.1 (2020.01.31)[MP3]

01 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme -Battle version-
02 The Sword That Blooms on the Battlefield
03 Fighting Spirit of Ice
04 Fire Dragon King’s Roar
05 Those Who Serve the Darkness
06 Enemies That Ought to Tremble
07 Fairy Tail Anew
08 If Friends Gather
09 A Reunion to Celebrate
10 Makarov’s Resolve
11 Assault! The Strongest Wizard
12 The Magnolia Defensive Battle
13 Linked Attack: Gray & Juvia
14 Lucy the Magnificent
15 For a Moment of Peace
16 A Fine Day for a Hot Spring
17 The Wrong Idea
18 Divine Punishment!
19 If You Can Be Friends
20 Juvia’s Feelings
21 Fairy Tail Moving Out
22 The Terrifying Army
23 Emperor Spriggan
24 The Alvarez Empire
25 Rage of the Ice Demon
26 A Fierce Battle Riddled with Hurt
27 An Indomitable Counterattack
28 Under the Guild’s Flag
29 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme -Ballad version-


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