[Album] ケツメイシ – ケツノポリス8 [MP3](2012)

01. 脳内開放 – know ya mind free (Nounai kaihou-know ya mind free)
02. LOVE LOVE Summer
03. guruguru
04. ASIA
05. GOKON Queen
06. moyamoya
07. ボラーレ – Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu (Album Mix) (Bora-re – Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu)
08. papamama syndrome
09. 愛に恋して – fallin in luv with a Love (Ai ni Koi shite – fallin in luv with a Love)
10. Dearest our…
11. Running man
12. 合わせた手のひらの間 – in between the two palms (Awaseta tenohira no aida – in between the two palms)


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