[DVDISO] 東京女子流 – PERIOD. BEST ~Kimete Iyou Watashi no Koto~ [2017.10.25]

Tokyo Girls’ Style – PERIOD. BEST ~Kimete Iyou Watashi no Koto~
(東京女子流 – PERIOD. BEST ~キメテイイヨワタシノコト~)
Release date: 10/25/17

The DVD included with Tokyo Girls’ Style mini album, PERIOD. BEST ~Kimete Iyou Watashi no Koto~.

PERIOD. BEST consists of two mini albums released on the same date, which contain the group’s past hits plus one new song on each.
The DVD tracklists are mostly similar, both containing the most recent singles’ PV’s, with only the last track being different.



1. Junpaku no Yakusoku (Music Video)
2. Reflection (Music Video)
3. Shinkai ~Hi-ra Mix~ (Music Video)
4. Mille-feuille “Version Cute” (Music Video)
5. Mille-feuille “Version Cool” (Music Video)
6. predawn (Music Video)
7. waterlily ~Suiren~ (Music Video)
8. Special Movie -ONE DAY- (last part)


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