[DVDISO] フィロソフィーのダンス – ライブ・アット・ステラボール [2019.04.26]

1. Funky But Chic (intro)
2. It’s My Turn
3. Suki Kirai Antinomy
4. Supervenience
5. Logic Jump
6. Free Your Festa
7. I’m After Time
8. Shall We Start
9. Next Christmas
10. Funk-Up Medley
i. Bad Paradigm
ii. Like A Zombie
iii. Vital Temptation
iv. Epokhē Chance
v. Bad Paradigm (Reprise)
11. Sea of Algorithm
12. Common Sense Busters
13. Love Variation
15. Live Life
16. Idol Philosophy
17. Happy Ending

First Encore
EN1. Heuristic City
EN2. Best Fo(u)r
EN3. Just Memories

Second Encore
D.EN1. Dance Founder



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