[DVDRIP] TDCでまねきケチャ2018! [2018.09.24]

Maneki Kecak (まねきケチャ)
Concert DVD “TDC de Maneki Kecak 2018! (TDCでまねきケチャ2018!)”
Released 2018-09-24

Features their largest audience concert so far at Tokyo Dome City Hall on January 7, 2018
Mio’s first big concert, and she leaves for a few songs as she hadn’t have time to learn all of them
In the middle producer Kan Furuya appears to among other things announce their Budokan appearance that year which is where this DVD was first sold.
Sales were later stopped when several complaints were voiced that the video was freezing for several seconds during “Mionster to Kecak”

1) Opening Movie (オープニングムービー)
2) Behind the Scenes (舞台裏)
3) Intro
4) Joudan Janai ne (冗談じゃないね)
5) MC1
7) MC2
8) Kokuhaku no Susume (告白のススメ)
9) MC3
10) Arikitari na Kotoba de (ありきたりな言葉で)
11) MC4 (Self-Intros)
12) Kimi ga Waraeba… (キミが笑えば…)
13) Monster to Kecak (モンスターとケチャ)
14) MC5
15) Dodemo Iiya (どうでもいいや)
16) MC6
17) Itto Ryodan (一刀両断)
18) MC7
19) Mousou Nikki (妄想日記)
20) MC8
21) Atashi no Nokori Zenbu Ageru (あたしの残りぜんぶあげる)
22) MC9
24) Boku ga Boku wo (僕が僕を)
25) MC10 (Mio Fukase & Kan Furuya)
26) Budokan Announcement
27) Harinezumi no Uta (ハリネズミの唄)
28) MC11
29) Kaku Kaku Shikajika (カクカクシカジカ)
30) MC12
31) Kimi ni Todoke (キミに届け)
32) MC13 (Member Comments)
33) Time Machine (タイムマシン)
34) MC14
35) Kiseki (奇跡)
36) Kimi Wazurai (きみわずらい)
37) MC15
38) Encore: MC16 (Photography)
39) Encore: Ai Kotoba (愛言葉)
40) Encore: MC17
41) Credits



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