SDN48 – All PV Pack

SDN48 – All PV Pack

SDN48 4th 01. Kudokinagara Azabujuban duet with Mino monta.mp4 256.98 MB
SDN48 4th 02. Yaritagariya san.mp4 220.88 MB
SDN48 4th 03. Kamujatan Bojou.mp4 238.62 MB
SDN48 4th 04. Kashaasa de Jihaku suru.mp4 143.97 MB
SDN48 5th 01. Makeoshimi Congratulation.mp4 382.88 MB
SDN48 5th 02. Cli Cli.mp4 185.29 MB
SDN48 5th 03a. Ue kara Natsuko.mp4 517.63 MB
SDN48 5th 03b. Owaranai Encore (HUN SUB).avi 179.25 MB
SDN48 5th 03b. Owaranai Encore.mp4 185.30 MB
SDN48 1st Single 01. GAGAGA.mp4 149.30 MB
SDN48 1st Single 02. Kodoku na Runne.mp4 197.85 MB
SDN48 1st Single 03. Eros no Trigger.mp4 163.08 MB
SDN48 1st Single 04. Sado e Wataru.mp4 185.95 MB
SDN48 1st Single 05. Yuuwaku no Garter (Oshima Yuko · Kojima Haruna · Shinoda Mariko from AKB48) Special ver. (LIVE at YOKOHAMA ARENA).mp4 235.07 MB
SDN48 2nd Single 01. Ai yo, Chuseyo.mp4 263.29 MB
SDN48 2nd Single 02. Tengoku no Door wa Sankaime no Bell de Aku.mp4 90.79 MB
SDN48 2nd Single 03. Awajishima no Tamanegi.mp4 312.56 MB
SDN48 2nd Single 04. Ai yo, Ugokanaide.mp4 127.00 MB
SDN48 3rd Single 01. MIN・MIN・MIN.mp4 159.88 MB
SDN48 3rd Single 02. Onedari Champagne.mp4 381.49 MB
SDN48 3rd Single 03. Abazure.mp4 221.96 MB


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