[Album] 梶浦由記 FictionJunction – TVアニメ『プリンセス・プリンシパル』オリジナルサウンドトラック [MP3]

Disc 1/01. shadows and fog
Disc 1/02. tailing in darkness
Disc 1/03. scars of the past
Disc 1/04. go and get it!
Disc 1/05. on a day so calm
Disc 1/06. espionage trap
Disc 1/07. under suspicion
Disc 1/08. bitter times
Disc 1/09. tensions are rising
Disc 1/10. a royal girl

Disc 1/23. moonlight melody ~Piano ver.

Disc 2/01. a fighter-girl from east
Disc 2/02. tiny flower garden
Disc 2/03. a noble man
Disc 2/04. why should we be apart?
Disc 2/05. tragedy and silence
Disc 2/06. in the fog
Disc 2/07. operations in action
Disc 2/08. hopeless
Disc 2/09. give your hands to me
Disc 2/10. acting behind the scenes

Disc 2/20. A Page of My Story (TV Size)


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