J-MELO – 2017.09.10 J-Music Now

J-MELO – 2017.09.10 J-Music Now

J-Music Now

Suzuka Asaoka (NOLIFE), fhána, GLIM SPANKY, May’n,
Takayuki Suzuki (EnterTech Accelerator)

C3AFA Jakarta 2017

Featured Releases

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1. “Belief” / May’n
2. “Fukinuku Kaze No Yo Ni” (Like the Wind Blowing Through) / GLIM SPANKY
3. “Mugen Climax” (Dreamlike Climax) / ℃-ute
4. “Aozora No Rhapsody” (Rhapsody of Blue Sky) / fhána


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