[Album] ORIGINAL LOVE – Platinum Best – Canyon Years Singles & More [MP3]

CD1/01 Yume Wo Mill Hito.mp3 12.19 MB
CD1/02 Puraimaru.mp3 11.13 MB
CD1/03 Words Of Love.mp3 11.05 MB
CD1/04 Good Morning Good Morning.mp3 8.69 MB
CD1/05 Dear Baby.mp3 9.55 MB
CD1/06 Takarajima.mp3 10.14 MB
CD1/07 Crazy Love.mp3 11.20 MB
CD1/08 Stars.mp3 12.48 MB
CD1/09 Bouken Ou.mp3 11.99 MB
CD1/10 R&R.mp3 12.14 MB
CD1/11 Yakou Say.mp3 11.71 MB
CD1/12 Adult Only.mp3 11.49 MB
CD1/13 Koi No Suisei.mp3 10.45 MB
CD1/14 Tender Love.mp3 7.95 MB
CD1/15 Bibou No Wana.mp3 11.25 MB
CD2/01 Chinmoku No Bara.mp3 12.15 MB
CD2/02 One Way Ticket To The Blues.mp3 6.10 MB
CD2/03 Blue Bird.mp3 9.18 MB
CD2/04 Ashita No Shinwa.mp3 10.29 MB
CD2/05 Your Song.mp3 15.42 MB
CD2/06 Ryuusei Toshi.mp3 10.08 MB
CD2/07 Bitter Suwito.mp3 12.28 MB
CD2/08 Ai No Kusuri.mp3 9.80 MB
CD2/09 Shugo Tenshi.mp3 10.28 MB
CD2/10 Aibou.mp3 10.75 MB
CD2/11 No Sutaru Ji Ya.mp3 10.74 MB
CD2/12 Hitori Bocchino Aitsu.mp3 10.81 MB
CD2/13 Seinen Ha Arano Wo Mezasu.mp3 7.78 MB
CD2/14 2 Dome No Trick.mp3 7.78 MB
CD2/15 Kafuka No Shiro.mp3 10.12 MB


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