[MAC ソフト] Ulysses (2.2.1)

[MAC ソフト] Ulysses (2.2.1) free MAC ソフト ダウンロード
[MAC ソフト] Ulysses (2.2.1) free MAC Software Download

File Description:
Ulysses lets you focus when you need to concentrate. It keeps all your texts neatly stuffed in its intuitive library. With a few clicks, Ulysses can create beautiful documents from your manuscripts: PDFs, web pages, even iBooks-ready ePubs. With its simple, clutter-free interface, it will turn work hours into fun time. And mere thoughts into powerful stories. If you love to write, and write a lot, Ulysses is made for you.

Version 2.2.1:
Small screen owners rejoice: We’ve reworked the behavior of the sidebars to perform much better in Split View and in smaller windows.
We’ve fixed an issue that would hinder Ulysses from starting and required you to do a re-install.
The toolbar buttons in Export Preview no longer grow out of the window when typing in the editor.
We have made the loupe icon up to 34% thinner.
Page numbers are no longer printed upside down when printing from the Editor.
Authenticating Medium accounts without profile pictures no longer fails.
Sheet table no longer disappears while trying to type a search. And you can close it with a shortcut now.
Last but not least, we’ve fixed a couple of visual glitches and improved blah blah blah.

OS X 10.10.0 or later, 64-bit processor

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