BEAST – Genesis of BEAST [2011.03.02]

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DVD set (2011) – Genesis of BEAST delivers the group’s music videos as well as MV making-of and a special BEAST documentary with behind-the-scenes, member interviews and commentary, and more.

DVD 1 – Music Video & Making (31 min 33 sec)
 Beast is the B2ST
 Bad Girl M/V
 Just Before Shock
 Shock M/V(Kor Ver.)
 Say No
 Soom M/V
 Bad Girl Making Film
 Shock Making Film(Kor Ver.)
 Soom Making Film

DVD 2 – Genesis of Beast & Beast is the Best
(Documentary – 1 hr 1 min 32 sec)
-Genesis of Beast-
-Beast is the Best-
 Beast is the Best_1
 Beast is the Best_2
 Beast is the Best_3
 Beast is the Best_4
 Beast is the Best_5
 Beast is the Best_6

Subtitles: Japanese only

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